Centoquarantacinque (145) is a beauty salon founded in Terni more than 10 years ago and over the years it has managed to become a landmark in the area, thanks to the skill of owners.

The site is characterized by a Baroque style, but is still easy to read and comprehensive with a streamlined description of the services offered, supplemented with a different gallery for each section.

The background is a pattern that was specially created and then reused in the same salon. For each section, images were chosen, and retouched to keep the overall style of the site, so as to make clear what the subject of the relevant category is.

In addition, the salon was added to Google Places in order to make it easier to find.

Additional services we realized were:

Creation of a viral video,  shot at Café Rolando in the center of Terni. A game show was also organized in the bar.

Organization of the inauguration day with live music.

Graphic: Matteo Memmi

Project realized with: Santa Design Studio