Ceramic Futures

Ceramic Futures was a design contest, online and offline, involving students from the Glasgow School of Art, IED Rome, Milan Polytechnic and Academy Abadir. The project was to create a portal for the online contest. The most important sections of the site were the Diary, Community sections, and pages for each individual student.

In the Diary all jobs added by users registered for the contest were collected, there was the title of the project, author’s name, votes received, visits and comments and finally a short description of the project. Going into each project, in addition to the automatic counting of the visit, you could vote for the project, comment on it, and see the slideshow of the images. 

In the Community section there were all members, hovering over each student you could see some information while clicking on the name you entered  their profile so that you could get more information. 

The uniqueness of the site is the page for every member. Here you could find the description of the student and the links to their social networks (usually facebook, twitter and instagram), the activity on the site could be seen through the use of graphics . The first pie chart showed the data as a percentage of the interactions on the site, posted projects, comments made and received, the votes received, visits received. The second Cartesian graph was used to see the trend of the last 20 days using the same data as the first graph. The third and last chart was the same on each profile and gave a comparison of all the authors. The x-axis represents the work added and  the y-axis the visits received, the size of the circle represents the votes received and the color is the number of comments made about other jobs. At the bottom the work of each author was shown.  

Graphic: Leo Leonardi