CRM Verde Profilo

Verde Profilo is a company that designs private gardens, large public areas and parks and offers innovative and effective solutions for small metropolitan areas, exhibitions and fairs. The heads of Verde profilo are Stefano Laprocina and Giusi Ferone, childhood friends and minds of the project. 

The customer’s requirement is to follow contacts while out of Italy for work , or just to be able to export them all in csv format so that they can be re-imported into the program to send newsletters, or to avoid the use of paper during the fair subscription and use the mailing list directly online.

Using Crm you can: 

Manage various categories (add, remove, or modify existing ones).

Import contacts in csv format (this is done first; subsequently, checking for duplicates before inserting them directly into the selected list gives you the chance to double-check that the fields of all contacts are correct).

Search a contact using the appropriate form. It displays contacts divided into categories or only listings. 

Export different lists of contacts by category, or the complete list in csv format (as well as export to the province or country).