Electio 2014

Electio 2014 is a platform in 24 languages designed to help the voter to decide which candidates or parties to vote for in elections of European Parliaments 2014. “Electio” in Latin is “choice”.

The platform was developed  by VoteWatch Europe, an independent organization set up to promote better debates and greater transparency in EU decision-making, by providing easy access to, and analysis of, the votes and other activities of the European Parliament (EP) and the EU Council of Ministers (Council).

I realized the template in xhtml, in collaboration with Latte Creative, in compliance with the standards of the W3C, respecting the ‘triple A’ for protocol conformance level easily accessible to the blind.

It includes the following sections and tools, each of which is explained in more detail on the main page of each section:

1. News & views

VoteWatch Europe staff, board members and other invited contributors blog about the latest developments in the European Parliament electoral campaign. They also show you what European political parties and citizens are saying about the elections on Twitter.

2. Make your choice

Match your vote

By voting on 20 important issues that Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) have also voted on in the last five years, you can find out which sitting MEP or new candidate most closely matches your views.

Elect the President

The outcome of the European Parliament elections will help determine who becomes the next President of the European Commission, the EU’s executive branch. Here we list the known and probable contenders in the race.

Use your vote

Electoral rules for European Parliament elections vary from country to country. Here we explain the rules which apply, both at the EU level and for each of the 28 Member States.

3. Where do they stand?

What the politicians say

Here you can see the opinion of sitting MEPs and new candidates on the 20 issues covered in the Match your vote section and compare them with those of EU-wide and national opinion leaders and civil society organisations.

What civil society says

Here you can see the position of EU-wide and national opinion leaders and civil society organisations on the 20 issues covered in the Match your vote section and compare them with each other and with those of sitting MEPs and new candidates.

4. Polls & scenarios

What the polls say

PollWatch2014 is a VoteWatch Europe initiative in partnership with Burson-Marsteller / Europe Decides. Here a team of leading political scientists, Simon Hix, Michael Marsh and Kevin Cunningham, provides regular predictions of the outcome of the 2014 European Parliament elections.

What if…?

Here we show you what the result of European Parliament votes on 20 key issues would have been if all users of this website had voted on them instead of MEPs. We also show you what the result would have been based on the strength of the parties in the latest opinion polls. And we give you a chance to create your own scenario by allocating seats to each party based on your own prediction of the election result.


A widget is a mini-version of a website that can be embedded on another website. You can create a free Electio2014.eu widget to embed on your own website or that of your organisation or publication. This widget allows you to use the Match your vote tool of the website.

Graphic/Art Direction: Franz Goria

Project realized with: Latte Creative

ClienteVoteWatch Europe

Website: Electio2014