Federica Borgato

Federica Borgato is a young freelance photographer and video maker from Turin. The site was designed to have two key features: to be easy to update, and responsive. 

The CMS (the platform that is used to update the site) was created for the purpose based on the needs of the customer. Using the administration console, you can manage an image slideshow on the homepage, manage her biography which is also present on the front page, but mostly you can organize all projects. Here you can view the projects, grouped by category, edit or delete them or add new ones. 

In addition, on the homepage a refeed post from tumblr was integrated, so that her social networks are automatically updated on the site. In the site no  framework was used, but the jQuery library was added to create the effects for the slideshow and other effects on the site. 

Graphic/Art Direction: Leo Leonardi

Client: Federica Borgato