We Are Our Heroes

We Are Our Heroes is a project of Chicca Vancini Mario Martini, Marco Campeotto, David Vitrano, Leo Leonardi and Matteo Guerra. 

What has changed in the last decade with regard to creativity and the global approach to music by those involved in the music world? 

And what remains today? 

What’s different today between the demo of an under thirty and an over thirty year old? 

What’s the present approach to listening, artistic research, tools, techniques, writing, composition, arrangement, production, the search for live music, the approach regardin the labels, the media, the art in all its forms? 

The site, currently offline, originated with the purpose both of explaining the project to visitors and raising funds to carry it out. A short video describes what We Are Our Heroes (Waoh) is, and its purpose; below are the bands that are already part of the project and scrolling down to the middle you can see the offers (sales of the book, t-shirts, cds, concerts). To facilitate the donation process a campaign on indiegogo was created and on the site a widget was implemented on the site to show how much money had been collected. 

Graphic/Art Direction: Leo Leonardi