The Killers Company

The Killers is an online communications company that offers a new way to produce and make use of skills of its collaborators.

The site, designed by Leo Leonardi and Matteo Guerra, has a non-conventional design but one which makes it immediately clear that the idea of revolution is behind the thinking of the company.

This is seen observing the position of the navigation menu or the names of the sections.

The site features navigation between the subsections of the site, either using the arrow keys or by using the submenu.

The purpose of the site, as well as to make it clear to the visitor, be it a customer or a person looking for a partnership, what the Killers company does, is to give importance to the people who are part of it.

The scripts in this site were created ad hoc using the jQuery library. 

Graphic/Art Direction: Leo Leonardi, Matteo Guerra 

Photograph: Federica Borgato