The Moss Design

Verde Profilo is a company that designs private gardens, large public areas and parks and offers innovative and effective solutions for small metropolitan areas, exhibitions and fairs. The heads of Verde profilo are Stefano Laprocina and Giusi Ferone, childhood friends and minds of the project. 

The idea was to create a website, easily viewable on mobile devices, to show clients the projects of the new line of Moss Design. The site was divided into three main areas to subdivide the type of work of the customer, thus giving greater importance to each of them. 

The first section presented the project, the types of moss on sale and the various ways to contact the client. 

The second displayed all the projects of various designers. All the projects had the same setting: a picture of the item on the right, where there was more than one image, you could see it enlarged by just clicking on the thumbnail; the characteristics of the products were on the left, and by using the arrow in the box, you could scroll for more information. 

The third section presented the various panels available and gave examples of achievements. 

The jQuery library was used for the realization of these various effects.

Graphic/Art Direction: Leo Leonardi

Photograph: Federica Borgato

Project realized with: The Killers Company