PES Widget


PES, Party of European Socialists unites the Socialist, the Social Democratics and the Works Parties of European Union (EU). 

The widget was developed  by VoteWatch Europe, which is an independent organization set up to promote better debates and greater transparency in EU decision-making, by providing easy access to, and analysis of, the votes and other activities of the European Parliament (EP) and the EU Council of Ministers (Council).

I realized the template in xhtml, in collaboration with Latte Creative, in compliance with the standards of the W3C, respecting the ‘triple A’ for protocol conformance level easily accessible to the blind.

It includes the following sections and tools, each of which is explained in more detail on the main page of each section:

Voting on 20 major issues, on which the members of the PES (MEP MEPs) also voted in the last five years. The voters can find out which MEP or new candidate comes closest to their views.


A widget is a mini-version of a website that can be embedded on another website. You can create a free PES widget to embed on your own website or that of your organisation or publication. This widget allows you to use the Match Your Vote tool of the website. 

Graphic/Art DirectionFranz Goria

Project realized with: Latte Creative

ClientVoteWatch Europe