Prodea Group

Prodea Group unites 3 companies: Prodea, Showlab and D-Wok. The first organizes major events, the second television productions, and the last works in the field of entertainment design. Prodea has operated in Events and Promotions since 1995, with offices in Turin, Milan and Rome. There are two business production units, Field and Corporate, within which three operational resources are engaged, integrated with the commercial business unit, four of which are active resources (accounts).

The Prodea Group site was realized using the WordPress platform, so the customer is totally self-sufficient . The template was created on one page (except for the detail of the work and news) and it is responsive , so that it is easily visible on any device and at any screen resolution . Moreover, it was designed ​​in html5 , using CSS3, the language of the jQuery library , then implemented with functions created ad hoc . For the section on the details of the news and portfolio a slideshow for images was implemented, with the possibility of incorporating a video . The transition effects were created using the jQuery library, implementing the various movements.

Graphic: Franz Goria 

Client: Prodea Group