Santa Design Studio Blog

Santa Design Studio Blog originated from the idea of two young designers of the Santa Design Studio. 

Marco Forbicioni and Matteo Memmi are two product and graphics designers. The blog aims  to give space to design innovations and give visibility to their projects. 

New designers, new discoveries, exhibitions and events: these are the topics covered. The blog is based on WordPress and the template was created in order to be responsive, so it can be easily viewed on mobile devices and tablets, while maintaining graphics related to the site of the study. 

For this reason, the background of the site is a blackboard; the topmenu was also copied from the website. In addition, we implemented the chance to share articles with major social networks and also the signature of every young writer. 

In the blog, young people who want to work together write to share their ideas. It is possible, for anyone interested, to send their candidacy as a blogger.

Graphic: Matteo Memmi

Project realized with: Santa Design Studio

Client: Santa Design Blog