Scaleno is a brand forged by a group of designers with the idea of skipping all the steps that the market normally obliges customers and speaking to them directly. 

This allowed us to drastically reduce our products prices while continuing to maintain a surprisingly high level of quality and excellence.

The site was created to attract the attention of users by presenting the products of new designers.

The home page was realized with the use of the library jQuery, in order to give movement and make the site dynamic and easy to read. For the store, a CMS was created ad hoc.

The site to sell items leads to an external site because if not the costs were too high, but the platform was designed to be able to make purchases directly on the site. On the store page, in addition to the product information, you can see the details of the product by hovering on it to have an enlargement of the image.

In addition, in the thumbnails below you can see more images, and by clicking on the colors on the right you can see the products in their various colors. To view the site on tablets and smartphones a special version of the site was made, more streamlined so as to allow a more simple viewing and decrease load time. 

Graphic: Matteo Memmi, Giacomo Gabrielli 

Project realized with: Santa Design Studio

Client: Scaleno