Stefano Buffetti

Stefano Buffetti is a doctor graduated at the University of Rome and later he specialized in homeopathy and acupuncture, studying under Professor Negro. 

Currently he has medical practices in Perugia, Rome, Montecosaro Vigne di Narni. 

The goal of the site, in addition to giving visibility to the work of the doctor, is to make it immediately clear in which office you can get an appointment, so it was decided to dedicate a different part of the page to each different city and put the map linked to google maps for each doctor’s surgery. 

The decision to implement the jQuery library was made both to try to make the site more dynamic and to try to break away from the normal structure of colleagues’ websites. 

All icons were created as a font so as to make them clearer and to make sure the loading of the site was not slowed down. 

Moreover, the surgery in Perugia was registered with the service Google Places so that it could be found more easily. 

Finally, although a proper SEO optimization to have more visibility in the search engines was not done, the site was registered on the major free medical sites and company sites.

Client: Stefano Buffetti